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- 5.18 acre lot

Ramah, Ramah, NM 87321


Land Without Restrictions Close To Power Close To Cibola National Forest

Land Without Restrictions Close To Power Close To Cibola National Forest

CASH PRICE: $10,000.00

FINANCING OPITION: $3,000 Down + $250 X 36 Months

Property Specific Notes:

Location & Size: The subject property is a 5.18 acre parcel located along Camino Perdido in Tierra Verde, a rural residential subdivision located south of Highway 53 and within easy driving distance of the over 300,000 acres of hunting land that make up the nearby Cibola National Forest. Click here to see the subject property's location on Google Maps.

Roads & Access: While the subject property has legal access along its southern boundary on a road Google Maps and some plat maps identify as Camino Perdido, realistically this is not an area that has many street signs, undergoes reliable road maintenance or experiences regular traffic. Because of this, anyone scouting the property is encouraged to take a larger truck or off-road capable vehicle with them.

Roads & Access, More: It should...

Roads & Access, More: It should be noted that the Tierra Verde subdivision has two entrances, one on its western end and one on its eastern end. The western entrance is one which Google and most mapping apps tend to direct people to. This entrance, however, can only be accessed through a privately owned gate for which few people have the key and features a padlock which gets updated regularly. Because of this, anyone scouting the land is advised to enter through the eastern portion of the subdivision, which has the benefit of being both closer to the actual properties, as well as devoid of obstructions. Having said that, this eastern entrance is not well-marked or easy to find. Fortunately, included at the bottom of this page are copious and detailed turn-by-turn driving directions from the highway to the land which will prove beneficial for anyone looking to scout the property.

Power & Utilities: While few residential power lines can be found throughout Tierra Verde, and while most people living here rely on solar panels and other alternative forms of energy, the subject property does sit in surprisingly close proximity to one of the few utility easements in the region and has power within 500 feet of the northwest corner of the parcel. Additionally, these power lines are connected to and servicing the few home sites close by. Because of this, developing the subject property may not be as difficult or expensive as other parcels in this subdivision. Anyone looking to investigate the cost of getting power extended to the subject property is encouraged to contact Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, the utility company servicing this region.

No HOA: The Tierra Verde subdivision has no formal HOA nor are they any annual dues associated with land ownership here. In addition, there are no time limits on building and no covenants or restrictions governing the land in this region. Because of this, buyers will have even greater freedom and independence to develop the property however they please.

Zoning: Cibola County is one of a number of New Mexico Counties that has no County-wide zoning, but rather defers to towns, municipalities and HOAs to define the rules that govern the land in their specific communities. As this property is part of a subdivision with no HOA and no covenants or restrictions, it means that anyone building here will have little to concern themselves with beyond state build codes and state environmental regulations.

Topography: The subject property is comprised of a terrain that is largely flat with some lite vegetation, making this parcel perfect for building as you will not incur too many expenses to grade or level the lot. It should also be noted that the property boasts some striking mountain and forest views, particularly to its north and east.

About Tierra Verde: Located along the Continental Divide, Tierra Verde is a largely secluded subdivision occupying roughly 4,500 acres consisting of mountainous ranch land surrounded by forests, wilderness areas and national parks. Situated within easy driving distance of the Zuni Reserve, the El Malpais National Park and the Big Tubes Area, the region boasts scenic mountain views, numerous campgrounds and trails as well as easy access to the over 300,000 acres of hunting available in the nearby Cibola National Forest. Due to its privacy, the region is perfect for those looking to build a hunting cabin, weekend retreat or even just a new, permanent home in a secluded forest area far from all the people and concerns that normally intrude on our happiness. Because of this, the region is popular among campers, recreational vehicle owners and those looking to live "unconventional" lifestyles typically hard to get permitted in other parts of the state.

Nearby Towns: While remote, this property sits in close proximity to the towns of Ramah and Grants (roughly 25 miles in each direction "as the crow flies"). This will allow those living on this land relatively easy access to groceries and supplies. Ramah is a smaller town with a Dollar General and some supply stores. Grants has larger big box stores such as Walmart as well as numerous fast food restaurants, government and medical services.

Cibola National Forest: While Tierra Verde is nestled between a number of state parks and conservation areas (where hunting would be forbidden) it is within easy driving distance of the permitted hunting regions of the Cibola National Forest, a region known to be home to elk, mule deer, wild turkey and some species of bear. For more information about obtaining a hunting license please visit the New Mexico Game & Fish Department website.

Nearby Attractions: In addition to the Cibola National Forest, there are a number of scenic National and State Parks within easy driving distance of the subject property. Those parks include - but are not limited to - the El Malpais National Monument, El Morro National Monument, Bluewater Lake State Park, Ramah Reservoir and the Ice Caves & Bandera Volcano to name just a few.

Title: This property was closed on and its title insured through New Mexico Land And Title.

Payment Options:

CASH OPTION: Click the 'Buy Now' button at the top of this page marked 'Cash Price'. Here you'll be asked to make an initial Non-Refundable Earnest Money Deposit of $500.00. After we have your deposit we will contact you about funding the remaining balance. Please Note: This is NOT a financing option. If you make this deposit we will expect you to pay the remaining balance within a reasonable amount of time (a few days, say). You should NOT initiate this transaction unless you are prepared to pay the entire cost of the land.

TITLE/ESCROW OPTION: Anyone who would like to acquire title insurance for their property, should also click the 'Buy Now' button at the top of this page marked 'Cash Price.' Here you'll be asked to make an initial Non-Refundable Earnest Money Deposit of $500.00. After we have your deposit we will draft a sale/purchase agreement which you'll be asked to sign to open escrow. To learn more about this process, or to see a copy of the contract you'll be asked to sign, please visit our How It Works - Buying From Us Page.

FINANCING OPTION: If you dont have all the money now and would prefer to pay for the property gradually, you may elect to use the financing option we have indicated above of $3,000.00 Down and $250.00/Month. It should be noted, however, that the property will not be deeded into your name until such a time as the balance has been paid in full. Between now and that time we will have a Land Contract which will demonstrate your equitable interest in the land. Click here to see a generic version of one of our standard Land Contracts. Please note: Our land contracts allow for "180 Days Same As Cash" and have only pre-payment incentives with no pre-payment penalties.

Reference Number: CBNM-10099

Location: Cibola County, New Mexico

Lot Size: 5.18 Acres

Legal Description: TIERRA VERDE, UNIT 4, LOT 95

Parcel Number: 2077047476170

Account Number: R05310


Center: 34.93420,-108.23730

NW: 34.93510,-108.23790

NE: 34.93510,-108.23680

SW: 34.93320,-108.23790

SE: 34.93320,-108.23680

Annual Taxes: $75.10


POA Regulations: CCRs

Zoning: No Formal Zoning Designation

Time Limit To Build: None

Access: Dirt Roads

Power: Within 500 Feet Of Subject Property; Solar or Alternative

Phone: Mobile or Satellite

Water: By Well, Holding Tank

Sewer: By Septic

Elevation: 7,303 ft

Conveyance Document: Warranty Deed

Type of Closing: Title/Escrow

Doc Prep Fee: Waived

Nearby Towns:

Grants: 50 miles (1 h 10 min)

Gallup: 68 miles (1 h 27 min)

Albuquerque: 126 miles (2 h 14 min)

Los Lunas: 128 miles (2 h 19 min)

Rio Rancho: 131 miles (2 h 20 min)

Points Of Interest:

El Morro National Monument

El Malpais National Monument

Acoma Pueblo

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

San Estevan Del Rey Mission Church

Ice Cave & Bandera Volcano


Land Without Restrictions Close To Power Close To Cibola National Forest

Property Type

  • Condo

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