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- 20 acre lot

Fence Lake, Fence Lake, NM 87315


Large Unrestricted Lot w/ Power & Underground Utilities

Large Unrestricted Lot w/ Power & Underground Utilities

Property Specific Notes:

This 20 acre parcel is situated just south of Highway 36 along Elk Run Trail in the Indian Knolls subdivision. The subject property has roughly 973 feet of dirt/gravel road frontage along its northern boundary, all of which is well-maintained and can be navigated by any vehicle type. While its safe to assume that one would want a larger truck or off-road capable vehicle in winter months, one of the nice things about this property is that even in inclement weather, given its proximity to the main Highway, you will not have far to drive before coming to state maintained roads.

Like much of the Indian Knolls subdivision, the subject property boasts power and underground telecom lines along its northern border. This should make building on the land and getting power to the eventual home site both easier and more affordable. Anyone curious to investigate the cost in...

Like much of the Indian Knolls subdivision, the subject property boasts power and underground telecom lines along its northern border. This should make building on the land and getting power to the eventual home site both easier and more affordable. Anyone curious to investigate the cost involved with connecting to the grid is encouraged to contact Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, the utility company servicing this region.

The Indian Knolls subdivision has no HOA and no annual dues. While there are covenants and restrictions that were recorded when the subdivision was first created, they are what we like to refer to as "common sense, good neighbor" restrictions dealing primarily with the disposal of trash and prohibitions on excessive noise. In other words, nothing too strict. To learn more about the Indian Knolls covenants and restrictions you can read the attached PDF here or view the video at the top of this page beginning at 15:03.

While there is fencing along the southern and western ends of this parcel, it should be noted that there is no fencing along the eastern length of the property boundary. Because of this, anyone planning to house livestock here will need to fence their own perimeter.

As with most of the rural land we list, city water service does not exist in this region and anyone electing to develop the land will need to install a well. Applications for well drilling permits and water right are handled by the Office of the State Engineer. Anyone curious to learn more about this process is encouraged to visit their website here.

While the nearby town of Fence Lake boasts some convenience and supply stores, the towns of Quemado (thirty minutes south of the land) and Ramah (thirty minutes north of the land), may be the best bet for groceries and supplies. In addition, the county seat of Grants is located a little under an hour away along Highway 117. There youll be able to find big box stores such as Walmart, most all fast food chains, schools, churches and hospitals as well as the Grants-Milan Municipal Airport. For pictures of the aformentioned towns, please view the photo gallery at the bottom of this page.

Aside from the 20 acres that comprise the subject property, the land also sits in close proximity to the 300,000 acres that make up the Cibola National Forest. Here youll be able to hunt elk, mule deer and wild turkey to name just a few of the many species that call this area home. Additionally, the Cibola National Forest also features plenty of great hiking trails and camping spots to explore.

In addition to the Cibola National Forest, there are a number of scenic National and State Parks within easy driving distance of the subject property. Those parks include - but are not limited to - the El Malpais National Monument, El Morro National Monument, Bluewater Lake State Park, Ramah Reservoir, the Ice Caves & Bandera Volcano and pictured in the gallery at the bottom of this page, Quemado Lake.

This property was closed on an its title insured through Quest Title Company.

Notes About Purchasing:

NOTE: We are requesting an upfront Non-Refundable Earnest Money Deposit of $500.00. This is not an installment sale and there is no financing offered. This is a cash transaction. After we have your Deposit we will contact you about how to proceed with finalizing the purchase, whether it be by credit card, wire transfer or title & escrow. If you elect to close through escrow, buyer will be responsible for all closing costs.

For those wanting to learn more about the buying process and the various ways we can close this transaction and transfer title into your name, please visit our How It Works - Buying From Us Page. For those unfamiliar with what a title company does, please visit our Title/Escrow Frequently Asked Questions page. This page goes into greater detail about the process of closing a transaction through title and escrow, answering all the common questions we typically get from our buyers.

Reference Number: CBNM-7643C

Location: Cibola County, New Mexico

Lot Size: 20 Acres

Legal Description: INDIAN KNOLLS RANCH, LOT 48

Parcel Number: 2093027280267

Account Number: R21442


Center: 34.645590,-108.544997

NW: 34.6456503020832,-108.547125743851

NE: 34.6474604088882,-108.544731670368

SW: 34.6438565019739,-108.547177953343

SE: 34.6445513966836,-108.543551633616

Annual Taxes: $107.00


POA Regulations: CCRs

Zoning: No Formal Zoning Designation

Time Limit To Build: 12 Months From Ground-Breaking

Access: Well-Maintained Dirt Gravel Roads

Power: At The Lot Line; Solar or Alternative

Phone: Underground Telecom Lines; Mobile or Satellite

Water: By Well or Holding Tank

Sewer: By Septic

Elevation: 9,307 ft

Conveyance Document: Warranty Deed

Type of Closing: Title/Escrow

Doc Prep Fee: Waived

Nearby Towns:

Grants: 74 miles (1 h 17 min)

Gallup: 72 miles (1 h 14 min)

Albuquerque: 137 miles (2 h 11 min)

Los Lunas: 138 miles (2 h 19 min)

Rio Rancho: 142 miles (2 h 18 min)

Points Of Interest:

El Morro National Monument

El Malpais National Monument

Acoma Pueblo

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

San Estevan Del Rey Mission Church

Ice Cave & Bandera Volcano


Large Unrestricted Lot w/ Power & Underground Utilities

Property Type

  • Condo

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The Hemingway Land Company
The Hemingway Land Company (702) 919-7170